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Adverse Event Support – First Test

Here at MedAid Services, our team is made up from people from a wide range of different backgrounds including medical, government, management and IT.

Over the past 12 months we have heavily invested in our IT moving to a paper-free environment in our offices and providing IT solutions to support our clients in engaging with our services.

With all this experience within our organisation, we thought we could do more, and so have set up our Adverse Event Support team. This team will use their skills and experience to support our community in time of adverse events by researching, investigating and co-ordinating information into a single place for all to access. By using this, along with our technology, we can provide a single repository of collated information to give a wider picture to government departments, enforcement agencies and local communities.

With the arrival of Storm Doris on 23 February 2017, we decided to use this as a learning exercise. Our team used local information, news sources, eye-witnesses and the Internet to gather information of fallen trees, unstable structures, blocked roads and road traffic accidents as a result of the high winds. This information was collated into a single repository and plotted onto a map. Where we had additional trusted information, we were able to verify some of the reports we found.

The information we collated can be found on our crowdmap at

We learnt a lot from this exercise and will soon be working on some of the lessons learnt:

  • An efficient system to allow team members to communicate effectively and quickly
  • Single repository for storing documents related to the ongoing incident
  • Polices and procedure explaining what can/can’t be done with information collated
  • Requirements checklist for verifying reports
  • Changes to our crowdmap/data collection software to allow efficient data recording, analysis and publishing

Once we have ironed out the above, we’ll be running another training exercise so we can be sure we’ll be ready for the next adverse event.

If you would be interested in joining our volunteer Adverse Event Support team, please drop us an email at

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