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Flat Stan First Aid Comes To Shropshire

Flat Stan First Aid

A campaign to teach children about first aid is being launched in Shropshire in September by MedAid Services who are based in Oswestry.

The Flat Stan First Aid campaign is aimed at children between the ages of four and eleven and hopes to get them interested and learning about first aid.

The sessions will last around an hour, and will incorporate ways of making the classes fun and easy to engage with.

Operations Director, Aden Walker said:

It is important for children to learn about the basics of first aid.

If something was to happen in their home would they know what to do?

These workshops teach children essential life skills, using techniques that make it easy for children to absorb and remember, so that they can put it into practise, should an emergency situation ever arise, and can also be incorporated into key stages 1-3 of the school curriculum, which also makes it attractive for after school clubs and children groups when taught by professional first aid trainers.

The workshops include

  • what first aid is and who can deliver it
  • when and how to get help
  • how to check if someone is responsive
  • what to do if they are not breathing
  • how to deal with a bleeding casualty
  • how to deal with someone that has suffered a burn.

Each child will receive a book, sticker and have a chance at practicing what they have learnt on specially designed manikins as well as having a go with bandages and anything they want to learn we give them the chance to have a go at.

MedAid Services will be holding a number of public weekend workshops and further information is available on their website at Workshops can also be run in schools, community groups and clubs. To book a workshop, please contact us via the website, or call 01691 700 999.

Visit our Flat Stan Training page.

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