Is it good to be bored (or will it be the death of you)?

One study implies that boredom make you likelier to die earlier, but another concludes that it spurs creativity …

You’re watching a PowerPoint presentation and it’s slide 10 out of 75. Your boss is present, so you can’t risk a quick game of Football Manager 2016 on your phone. But time is stationary. You feel dejected and trapped. You experience something that the Romans documented on the walls of Pompeii: mind-numbing boredom. And you wonder, is being “bored to death” a real thing?

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    4 Responses

    1. uyai says:

      I believe there’s always a good side to everything no matter how bad we might think of it, never knew we could get any good thing off boredom but this article is an eyeopener, really boredom can bring out the creativity in one.When one is bored the best bet is to look out for a more productive or exciting thing to do to be lively again or snap out of dullness and by so doing we could invent or build something creative to help us deal with it.Well, for me I personally hate boredom I quickly moved away from such places or activities.Maybe I will have to heed to the advice of this article always create something interesting,exciting or innovative from boredom.

    2. dhieijhz says:

      I am sure everybody has experienced boredom. The act of waiting itself gets you to the zone of boredom. In my own opinion their would not be a good thing in entertaining boredom. Because by definition itself, Boredom is unpleasant and physically painful. It can make a person feel thousand of negative emotion like angry, frustration, loneliness and etc. It can also influence your action in a bad way. It leads you to depression, anxiety, increased drug abuse, alcohol abuse, overeating and obesity, and increase the risk of making mistakes.
      If you find yourself bored it should serve as alert for you. You must fight it take action in getting out of that state.

    3. nekonieden says:

      I get bored if I am with someone else and we don’t interact or communicate with each other. I would rather be alone than be with someone whom i am not use to talk to. I enjoy being alone because that’s what my life been used to. Boredom is part of our life, you can’t always be happy or involve your life in activities.I think all the things revolve in this world have some opposite manner. We are here to live not to participate or to enjoy life, what makes our world more beautiful and creative is experiencing those opposite of those we want. If there is success there is also a failure. If there is happiness you can’t seems to be always happy of course, there is also sadness and despair. That’s what the world wanted to tell us, if there are positive things comes to us, there would be also negative things either. So boredom is not a bad thing, we should remind ourselves that all the negatives happen to us are not really bad. Remember it gives some spice in our life. There is always a positive side and negative side in boredom. So boredom is just really okay sometimes.

    4. oishari says:

      Even if it feels like torture, I think once in a while a little boredom is healthy. Boredom gives you time to clear your mind and look for something fresh to do or think of. Imagine if we were all so busy we didn’t have time to rest or pause for a bit, we wouldn’t be bored but we would never be refreshed either.

      Now, if the boredom comes from doing a daily routine of mundane things that’s a different story. If it starts to take a toll on your health, happiness and energy levels, I think you should change your lifestyle. Being bored with life in general can cause depression so it is best if you find little things to feel excited about every once in a while.

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