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Paramedics buy homeless man coat after cutting his clothes off for treatment


A couple of paramedics helped a homeless man who was left with nothing to keep him warm after his clothes were cut off for medical treatment.

Yorkshire Evening Post reported that Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedics Leilah Nolan and Tom Thackray-Collier responded to a call about a homeless man and had to cut off his clothing to treat him.

fter treating him, the two went to a store and bought the man warm clothes so he could stay warm in the cold.

The man we helped was freezing cold. He desperately needed some warm clothing, and as he was homeless with no money, Tom and I felt it would be nice to buy him something warm,” Nolan said. “We went into the British Heart Foundation charity shop and found a T-shirt, warm jumper and coat, which we thought would be suitable for him, and we were happy to buy them for him.

Nolan said the man was overjoyed when they returned with the gift.

He was so happy and even did a little dance. He was shocked that someone did that for him and said he didn’t know what to say.

Nolan added that she hopes their act of kindness will inspire others to do the same.

I know if it had been any of my other colleagues who attended to this man that they would have done the same for him. We are all very caring and compassionate toward our patients and treat people with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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    7 Responses

    1. MAlexaFritz says:

      I salute this paramedemic. You were indeed a real hero. Nice to know that there are still people willing to help with great pleasure. Hope this will serve as an inspiration to others.

    2. xobe says:

      Five star for you paramedic you did a great job for person whos suffers from cold. It’s very hard to find like a person such you because nowadays life is practical and most of us ignore people especially beggars. I admire your kindness and just keep it up, there will be a good return for your attitude.

    3. Tatiana Stan says:

      Faith in humanity restored! These are the kind of people that can make the world a better place. People that offer a hand for one in need, without expecting anything in return. This is what being human should mean. All around me I see people only moving a finger if the get something out of it, few are doing something without getting a benefit. My respect and gratitude for this paramedic and for her power to empathize with people in need – she is doing her job honourable.

    4. MomoStarr16 says:

      You are the best. You two will going to be bless by our Creator. There are only few people just like you. A rare kind of people. This makes me feel like encourage me to do the same thing. Help people whenever I can. Kudos for those paramedics. 🙂

    5. Ela says:

      I admire these kind of people, especially the homeless man who helped others even he has nothing left with him. These people are a true blessing because they are doing good deeds without expecting in return. I hope there will be a lot of people like them who are willing to share everything they have. God is really good. He made each of us a blessing to others in different ways.

    6. melvs says:

      This are the kinds of people that really knows what to do right away. They just do what needs to be done just by looking or seeing the situation, they already make decisions that will affect the lives of people around them. That is what is imprinted to each and one of us. The innate to do good.

    7. jamprayer says:

      Hats off to these two paramedics. I salute your dedication to your patients without regards to their social status. You are one of those people today with good and kind heart. I can feel the joy that your deed had brought to the homeless man.
      God bless the two of you! May God continue to use you as blessing to other people. I am sure that our Lord will also pour his blessings upon you.

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