Statement: RTC, A5 28/02/2016

Earlier this morning, one of our ambulance crews came across a road traffic collision involving four vehicles and stopped to offer assistance. It was quickly ascertained that it was a no-injury collision, however due to the risk to the occupants and other motorists, our crew remained on scene until the Police arrived.

During this time, a photograph was taken of the scene (which included members of the public, their vehicles and our ambulance and crew) by a passing motorist and posted by them to our Facebook page along with the comment “you don’t have any photographs like this”.

As soon as this post was identified, it was removed by us, to which the original poster posted it again.

Our crews stop at many road traffic incidents as they go about their daily work, and is not something we feel we should be posting about on social media. We would like to stress that it is not our policy to post photographs of any incident we attend or road traffic collisions we come across and is something that will not change.

Should any one have any queries or concerns, our Operations Team can be contact via

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