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Supporting our Local Community

As you may know, MedAid Services is a small business based in Oswestry, Shropshire and one of the things we like best is the amount of effort that goes in to promoting independent, local businesses and the support that is given by the local community.

With the invent of the Internet and the fact that lots of businesses are moving their operations on-line, we have seen shops and businesses close in towns all over the UK. The last time I looked, the figure was 18 shops closing per day.

While we offer a nationwide service, it’s safe to say a lot of our business is local with the majority of events and training courses being covered in Shropshire and North Wales. To everyone who has used our services (either event medical cover or first aid training) we want to say thank you for keeping your business local.

Now, we could just keep taking your money and business and continue to provide our excellent service, however that isn’t the ethos at MedAid Services – we don’t just take, take, take. With the nature of the work we do, we save lives – and that is fact. And if I’m totally honest, we want to do all we can to save more. We do this through our Community Outreach Programme.

We are dedicated to being actively involved in our community outreach and education. We have staff who live all over Shropshire, so don’t just think it means our home town of Oswestry – our community is Shropshire!

Our Community Outreach Programme has been put together to run programmes which benefit our local community and include:

  • Free basic first aid training to residents
  • Subsidised medical event cover for charitable and fundraising events
  • Subsidised workplace first aid training for small businesses

With the skills learned in our classes, citizens will be able to recognise when someone is in cardiac distress, enabling them to intervene by administering CPR and/or using an AED while an Ambulance is on route.  Studies have shown that early intervention by citizens trained in both CPR and AED techniques greatly increases the chances of survival for a victim of a heart attack, drowning, or other traumatic injury.

All training courses provided throughout our Community Outreach Programme are free and all other services receive a generous discount. If you would like us to attend your community centre, village hall or school or would like to support us in delivering our Outreach Programme, please contact us.

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