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Documentary highlights private Mexican ambulances

“Midnight Family” follows the Ochoa family in Mexico City, who run an ambulance company in a city where only 45 government-run ambulances serve 9 million residents. A Sundance Film Festival documentary highlights Mexico City’s...

Prison Sentence for Paramedic Attacker 6

Prison Sentence for Paramedic Attacker

A man has been given a custodial prison sentence after assaulting and threatening to kill a North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) Paramedic who was looking after and comforting him. An ambulance was called to...


Heartless attack on ambulance and crew

Reckless behaviour in Cleethorpes has put lives at risk as an ambulance crew are assaulted, and an ambulance is damaged in a heartless attack. A crew were treating a patient in the back of...


Alcoholic pulled out knife as paramedic tried to treat him

PATIENT John Williamson pulled out a knife as a paramedic tried to treat him on Boxing Day. The 47-year-old had called an ambulance to his Cobridge home, but abused medical staff that had arrived...


Man who punched ambulance drivers avoids jail

A man who forced an ambulance to stop before punching the driver in a road rage attack has avoided jail. Michael Kearns, himself a former ambulance driver, cut up the vehicle which was transporting...


Ambulance burned out in fiery crash

Two paramedics and a trainee were in the rig; one paramedic suffered minor injuries ALHEIM, Germany — An ambulance in Germany was on its way to an emergency call when it hit black ice...

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