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Tagged: international


Documentary highlights private Mexican ambulances

“Midnight Family” follows the Ochoa family in Mexico City, who run an ambulance company in a city where only 45 government-run ambulances serve 9 million residents. A Sundance Film Festival documentary highlights Mexico City’s...


Armed robbers continue to target South Africa medics

Two more paramedics were robbed at gunpoint as they were treating a patient JOHANNESBURG — Johannesburg Emergency Services has confirmed two of its paramedics have been robbed at gunpoint in Hursthill. It’s understood the pair were...


Ambulance burned out in fiery crash

Two paramedics and a trainee were in the rig; one paramedic suffered minor injuries ALHEIM, Germany — An ambulance in Germany was on its way to an emergency call when it hit black ice...


Meteorite might have killed man in India

Scientists will determine if the object that killed a man Saturday was a meteorite NEW DELHI — Indian scientists will examine remains from an object that fell from the sky Saturday, causing a large explosion which...


Drone ambulance makes first flight

The AirMule is designed for conditions where landing a helicopter is unfeasible and will be able to airlift two people. A drone ambulance designed to airlift two people has taken autonomously to the air...