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Tagged: technology


Key NHS technology programme extended to ambulance trusts

NHS England has today announced three ambulance trusts will share £10m to help improve patient care by developing into world class digital organisations. South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS), West Midlands Ambulance...


Robotic sleeve ‘hugs’ failing hearts

Scientists have developed a robotic sleeve that can help hearts pump when they are failing. The sleeve – made of material that mimics heart muscle – hugs the outside of the heart and squeezes...


Drones to be tested for Japanese ambulance use

The trials will involve medics flying medicines, defibrillators and other medical supplies to places where airborne delivery will be faster than on land. KYUSHU, Japan — First responders will test the use of drones to help...


Business card shows ECG

A company that designs and sells clinical ECG’s has come up with a useful take on a business card. MobileECG created a business card that is capable of measuring the users pulse by placing two...


Paramedics experiment with drones in Canada

The drones can be used to explore hazardous situations and deliver medicine RENFREW, Ontario — Paramedics in Canada are now using drones as part of their emergency-response team. reported the drones are often...

Suicide prevention app trial 0

Suicide prevention app trial

An NHS mental health trust is working with US researchers to develop an app that may stop people from killing themselves. Liverpool-based Merseycare and Stanford University have been in talks on how the technology...